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Transform Supply Chain Operations with Blockchain Solutions

Moon Lab simplifies logistics and supply chain management with cutting-edge blockchain solutions, enabling businesses to leverage Web3 technology, tokenization, and cross-border collaboration for greater potential.

Choosing Web 3.0 can be a Game Changer for Logistics & Supply Chains in your Business

Unlock the power of blockchain and Web3 in logistics and supply chain with Moon Lab's tailored solutions for increased transparency, security, and operational efficiency, staying ahead in the rapidly evolving industry.


End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Achieve unprecedented supply chain visibility with blockchain's transparent and immutable ledger, enabling real-time tracking and data sharing for stakeholders.


Enhanced Data Security & Integrity

Leverage blockchain's decentralized and tamper-proof nature to enhance data security and integrity in your supply chain, minimizing the risk of cyber threats and breaches.


Streamlined Supply Chain Processes

Optimize supply chain processes, such as shipment tracking and inventory management, by implementing blockchain-based smart contracts for seamless coordination.


Empowered Cross-Border Collaboration

Harness tokenization and DeFi solutions to facilitate efficient cross-border collaboration and reduce friction in global supply chains.


of respondents stated that their companies were using blockchain for a supply chain use case

Source: Statista


invested by IBM to enhance supply chain tracking with blockchain and IoT.

Source: Coindesk


of APAC employees believe that using blockchain will give them a competitive advantage.

Source: Statista

Real-World Blockchain Applications in Logistics & SCM

It is no joke that logistics businesses worldwide are capitalizing on blockchain and Web3 technology to transform their operations, delivering value across various use cases.

Supply Chain Track & Trace
Supply Chain Track & Trace

Track goods throughout the entire supply chain, enabling stakeholders to verify the origin, location, and status of products in real-time, reducing counterfeiting and enhancing consumer trust.

Automated Payments & Settlements
Automated Payments & Settlements

Utilize blockchain-based smart contracts to automate payments and settlements between supply chain partners, reducing manual intervention, increasing transaction speed, and minimizing the risk of errors and disputes.

Cold Chain Monitoring
Cold Chain Monitoring

Securely record and monitor temperature-sensitive goods in real-time, ensuring compliance with quality standards and reducing product spoilage during transportation.

Multi-modal Transportation Management
Multi-modal Transportation Management

Streamline multi-modal transportation management using blockchain, providing a single source of truth for shipment tracking, documentation, and payments across different transport modes and service providers.

Inventory Optimization
Inventory Optimization

Access and manage real-time, accurate inventory data, enabling businesses to optimize stock levels, minimize excess inventory, and reduce stockouts, ultimately lowering costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Take your Business to the Next Level

web 3.0 solutions

Web 3.0 Infrastructure for Banking & Finance

Deploy and manage custom blockchain networks tailored to your insurance needs, ensuring scalability and security.

tokenization solutions

Tokenization as a Service for Banking & Finance

Digitizing financial assets creates new opportunities for asset-backed lending, securitization, and fractional ownership.

moonwallet solutions

MoonWallet for Banking & Finance

Create payment gateway solutions and secure, custom wallets for managing digital currencies, seamless transactions and asset management.

moonify solutions

Credential Verification for Banking & Finance

Verify a candidate's past education/employers, degree/positions held and respective durations on a one-tap-request secure system.

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