Web3.0 as a Service

Web3.0 access made simple and easy.

We noticed that currently there is a high entry barrier in the adoption of Web3.0. We have developed solutions for simplifying the logistics which focuses on gas fee, wallet creation, smart contract and crypto payment.

Frictionless experience that boosts massive adoption


Wallet Creation

Create a hassle free wallet account using your socials (Google, Facebook, etc.). We provide mailing services for better management of your wallet.


Fiat Onramp & Offramp

Transact with fiat currency through payments such as credit card, and connect your bank account to receive settlement with fiat.


Custom Smart Contract

Build your own custom implementations such as royalty distribution, whitelist and super account, soulbound, escrow, bridges and many more.


API and Backend Portal

Connect and integrate easily with APIs and manage your system through the admin portal.

Let's shape our future together

Our teams are creating some of the most impactful blockchain and crypto solutions in the industry, transforming financial services and the daily lives of people around the world.