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Trustworthy & Efficient Credential Verfication made possible with Moonify

As the blockchain technology is still emerging, it is inevitable that the price of such digital assets to be fluctuating. Having your digital assets insured, provides an extra layer of protection.

Insure and claim your digital assets with ease.


Automated Claims

Smart Contract is triggered when a predetermined event occurs. When a claim has been approved, a payment will automatically be made.


Fraud Detection

Verifiable identity on the blockchain network will provide credible historical records of a person and will help reject bad actors.



When a disaster occurred, data sharing between stakeholders are important. Data stored on the blockchain enables related parties such as insurance companies and regulators to access with ease.



Data such as claims, policies, and payments are shared within the consortium. This allows faster response and enables micro-policies to be made to insure and pay out a certain event happening.

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