HKT NFT Project - Everyone’s NFT

17 January 2023


With the recent boom of blockchain & web 3 technology, NFTs have emerged as a hot commodity to represent digital assets. NFTs can describe various items such as investment products, artworks, documents etc. A popular application for using NFTs is the Metaverse.NFT avatars are digital images, often in a cartoonish & pixelated design, mainly used as profile pictures for either web 2 or web 3 platforms. To create a digital avatar NFT, we have broken it down into these 3 steps:

  1. Enter a redemption code to start redeeming your digital avatar NFT.

  2. Upload your photo and enter your favourite colour & accessories to customize and help inspire us to create a unique digital avatar for your NFT.

  3. When the digital avatar is ready, we will notify you to redeem & mint your unique digital avatar NFT.

We used the ERC-721 standard for the smart contract. ERC721 is the default NFT standard, which we implement in our smart contract to maintain compatibility with all modern features on NFT platforms like OpenSea. The digital avatar NFTs has been minted on the Polygon blockchain and are viewable on OpenSea by everyone worldwide.

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